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High Security Seals

High Security Seals - Seals used to secure loaded containers and trailers bound for the U.S. must meet or exceed the current PAS ISO 17702 standards.

Compromised seals may have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Missing seals – a container that should have a seal doesn’t,

  • Broken seals – a container has a seal that is affixed in such a way, either damaged or not identifiable, that security could have been compromised, or

  • Mismatched seals – the number of the seal on the container does not match the number of the seal listed on the documentation.

  • Plastic seals do not comply.

Containers with seal security issues should not be allowed to continue their movement until the discrepancy is researched and resolved. Stopping the container as close as possible the point of discovery makes it easier to identify the exact nature of the seal security issue. Proper action in any case may involve applying a high security seal, requiring a shipper to verify the contents and add a seal, or refusing to lade a container on its next means of conveyance.

The investigation into the seal security discrepancy will involve contact each member of the supply chain who handled the container until the point where the discrepancy can be identified.

Anyone finding a compromised seal is instructed to contact QCPS, who will notify local CBP for further instruction. Law Enforcement authorities may also be contacted if deemed necessary.