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Today's importers/exporters demand reliable, cost effective solutions to suit their constantly evolving business requirements. Trade service partners need to be able to develop programs that satisfy the unique needs of each customer. Whether you simply need a reliable U.S. Customs Broker or you require a total logistics strategy for imports and exports of all types of commodities through all distribution channels, Quad City Port Services, Inc. delivers cost effective business solutions including:

Customs Brokerage

  • ABI
  • ACH
  • Bonds (Single Entry and Continuous)
  • Classification assistance
  • Delivery orders (with importer or trucker notification)
  • Formal and Informal customs clearance
  • Freight release verification
  • Network of agent brokers (in any US Port of Entry)
  • Other Government Agency compliance (USDA, FDA, DOT, FCC)
  • RLF - Remote Location Filing

Importer Security Filing

  • Compliance


  • Air - both import and export
  • Insurance
  • Ocean - both import and export
  • OTI - Ocean Transportation Intermediary
  • US door delivery

Export Services

  • AES
  • Bank letters of credit and Uniform Commercial Code, UCP 600.
  • Documentation
  • EEI - Electronic Export Information
  • Letter of Credit consultation/coordination
  • Packing assistance/consultation
  • Sales contract language and pro forma invoice assistance


  • C-TPAT
  • Classification assistance

With our experience, we will be your guide through the complex domain of international trade; serving all segments of the import/export community from individuals to major corporations.

QCPS offers all the resources you need to move products from origin to destination efficiently and economically.